Digital transformation
is the future of higher education.

But the future doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of a process—one that requires strong leadership and a commitment to institutional change to be successful. We’re here to help you lead your team through the digital transformation (Dx) journey.

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Your path to Dx starts here.

We take you through the Dx journey in three phases. Using our resources, you’ll be able to learn about Dx, create a plan for your institution, and put that plan into action.

Phase 1


Understand what digital transformation means for higher education and for your institution. We’ll start with definitions and identify signs that Dx may already be happening at your institution.

Phase 2


Prepare for Dx by assessing your institution’s capabilities, setting goals, developing a roadmap, and getting colleagues across campus excited to be part of institutional change.

Phase 3


Put your plans into action by launching strategic initiatives that will make your institution more flexible, responsive, and resilient. Evaluate the impact and adjust course accordingly.

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