Digital transformation is upon us.

Why we created this site

Digital transformation (Dx) is having a profound impact across all industries, and higher education is no exception.

What we are experiencing today is a seismic shift as the diverse digital landscape becomes woven throughout everything we do. This shift suggests a continuing and accelerating evolution of the higher education institution as well as IT’s place within it. It requires not only an awareness and understanding of the transformation, but action and change to adjust and adapt traditional practices to today’s technology-enabled and -driven world.

Technology adoption alone will not bring about digital transformation. Modernizing an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, for example, will not by itself result in digital transformation, nor will installing the latest in classroom technologies. Instead, Dx focuses on the intersection between technology and institutional strategies, and then shapes digital architecture, applications, campus organizations, workforce, and staffing to achieve strategic goals.

Incremental change will not make enough of a difference quickly enough. Higher education must leverage Dx to create the type of flexible, agile, and innovative environment required to thrive.

Dx is institutional in scope in nearly every dimension. And the IT organization has a unique opportunity to contribute to and participate in this institutional transformation.

How to use this site

This site is designed to be a resource for Dx champions—campus leaders in IT, academic, and business roles—to support and advance digital transformation on their campuses. Resources across this site help leaders understand, plan for, and implement Dx initiatives no matter where they are on the Dx journey.

To put Dx in motion, leaders can also use this site as a conversation starter, to assess institutional readiness, and gather articles and case studies to share with stakeholders to spread awareness and inspire change.

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